Organic Farming - Quality, Environment, Health

`In all things of nature, there is something of the marvellous`


A wine from organically grown grapes - why ?

Physiologike - A good omenOnly a wine from organically grown grapes, which means without the use of needless artificial additions, can express the unique taste of the terroir, in a maximum way.

A wine made with organic farming methods is also a contribution to the protection of the environment, by the means of respecting the ecosystem and the cycle of nature. In comparison to the conventional art of growing a grape, where a maximum harvest and a minimum failure are the highest purposes, organic farming methods are characterized by the following :

  • no needless chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides
  • no gene technology
  • minimum irrigation, if-necessary-at all

The results are the long-time fertility of the soil, the reduction of both air and water pollution to a minimum as well as  the preservation of the biological diversity.

Our wine is ,therefore, certain to be of highest quality and can be enjoyed freely and responsibly with respect to your health and the environment. When you drink a glass of PHILOSOPHIA you can be sure of what you add, to your body.

This is why, every single grape at our vineyard is organically cultivated.

EU-Regulation and certification authority

The fullfilment of the EU-Council regulation 2092/91 is required to be achieved as a label, for organic farming products. The certification authority that we chose is, PHYSIOLOGIKE.

PHYSIOLOGIKE is one of the oldest and highest recognized certification authorities in Greece,which was founded years before the council regulation on organic production.

PHYSIOLOGIKE cultivates an active and functional relationship with us. The strict obedience of the regulations on organic farming,according to the above council regulation,is fundamental for the cooperation between the authority and our domaine.

In addition to that,Physiologike cares for the permanent continuing education, both theoretical and practical, of its members , in order to prepare a fertile cooperation between winemaker and nature.

Complementing the council regulations,our soils were not in use at all for 10 years,before the first grape was planted.





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