The Terroir - Lake, Mountain, Aegean


Taking a deep breath of the mild, mediterranean breeze, with head facing to the south, the spectator gets overwhelmed by the wide, panoramic view of Mygdonia Valley. Impressive, green mountains surround the beautiful Lake of  Volvi with its incredible variety of species.

Taking a short climb on the top of the first mountain, immediately behind the Domaine Mitroulis, turning your head to the east, the eye catches the clear blue of the Aegean Sea, where the sun rises over the Strymonic Gulf.

These are the moments when one can feel the true uniqueness of the terroir and why we realized that organic farming is the only way to honour and taste this wonderful place.

The 15.000 square meters of our small vineyard are located in Central Makedonia, 70 kilometers east of Thessaloniki, the historical harbour city in northern Greece.

On the top of the small village Mikri Volvi , which lies directly on the northwestern shore of Lake Volvi, the second biggest natural lake in Greece, our grapes face the south, where the three fingers of Chalkidiki peninsula with Mount Athos touch the Aegean Sea.

Our grapes grow in an ideal mediterranean climate, with mild to cool winters and summers with a lot of sun. The soil is washed by the sea and the lake- condition that suits perfectly to our grape variety Limnio.





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