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Konstantinos was born ,as the third of four sons, on 16.06.1944 during the summer camp of the nomad family Mitroulis.

It was in beautiful Vlasti of northwestern Makedonia, where the goats, sheep and horses of the family found the perfect climate in the mountains, at an altitude of 1250 meters, while the family passed and the herd survived the mild winter days in the small village of Mikri Volvi , where today Domaine Mitroulis is located.

Almost 20 years of his life, Konstantinos experienced the pure nature, the freedom and developed not only the spontaneity but also the curiosity that led him, after his exam at the lyceum, to Hamburg in northern Germany, where the conditions promised a better future than in Greece for a 19-year young man.

The desire to return back to his roots some day, however,rose at the exact same moment, when he climbed the overcrowded train to Germany in the winter of 1963...

The following 40 years in Germany brought to Konstantinos happiness and success. In 1972 he got married to Gisela and their kids Niko and Christina-Glickeria made the family complete.

Konstantinos and Gisela founded in 1977 a company producing high-class and individual clothing for premium fashion houses and created their own store in Quickborn , north of Hamburg.

The principle of producing individuality and high quality was the key to success and still remains his guideline until today.

The 1990´s were the years when the plans to return permanently to Greece, became more and more concrete. Konstantinos and Gisela bought the fields at the top of Mikri Volvi, where today the unique Philosophia - wine grows and built their house right below the domaine in order to be in touch with the grapes 24 hours a day.

Besides all these, Konstantinos started studying literature about wine-growing.

Additionally, his experiences with nature, the principle of high quality, individuality and his traditionalism led him to create a wine from organically cultivated grapes of high class and limited volume.

As a summary of his life, he selected the regional grape Limnio with the international touch-that the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes add to the wine.

Since 2002, Mikri Volvi has become the main residence of Gisela and Konstantinos.

Their happiness of living their dream in their own vineyard is only surpassed, when their four grandchildren meet their grandparents.


Kosta Mitroulis




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